CabinetRY refacing Services in Ottawa

Cabinetry Refacing

Cabinetry Refacing is when you take your existing cabinetry doors and replace them with new MDF or Hardwood doors, with your profile and color of choice.

Refacing your cabinetry is the best way to change a major component of your kitchen, because it comprises the largest surface area of your space. If you’re tired of your door profile and/or your cabinetry fronts are in bad condition, consider this option as an alternative to replacing the entire kitchen.

Does your Kitchen Renovation qualify for Cabinetry Refacing with NorthCo Services Ottawa? If you like the general layout of your cabinetry and that it’s in overall fine condition, you’re good-to-go; we can reface any type of cabinetry. 

Call us today and get one of our expert estimators to come by and give you suggestions, inspiration, and prepare a quote for you. Keep in mind that we also offer larger-scale Kitchen Updates and Kitchen Renovations, where we also take-on other aspects of your kitchen remodelling: Countertops, Backsplash, Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, custom Carpentry… you name it!

reface your cabinets in Ottawa

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cabinet refacing in Ottawa
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Too often do we see contractors and homeowners come in and tear up an entire kitchen when the cabinetry itself is in great shape. Starting from scratch is required in some instances (lots of damage, entire new layout, etc.) but in most cases, new doors and drawer-fronts are all that’s needed.

The first and most important advantage of a Cabinetry Refacing project for you in Ottawa is the cost savings. Because NorthCo Services tries to re-use as much of your cabinetry, you can keep most of your boxes and just change the front. Yes this does require an extra level of skill, but we focus on this approach because it can easily save you 20 000$+, by not replacing the entire kitchen, especially when it’s in fine shape.

If you’re afraid of taking on home renovations because you think they’ll take a long time, you’ll be relieved to learn that Cabinetry Refacing is a very quick process. You can save a tremendous amount of Design, Planning, and construction time on your project. A Cabinetry Refacing project with NorthCo Services can be completed in less than 2 weeks. Who wants to be kept out of their most important space for 8weeks+ anyway.

Not to mention the environmental impact… save a whole bunch of quality cabinetry boxes from ending up in our landfills, something you can feel great about!

More Advantages! 

Another great advantage of changing out your cabinetry fronts is that you can choose your favorite door and drawer-front profile. Want something more Modern? Contemporary? Classic? No problem, our MDF lineup of doors has over 50 available profiles, while our Hardwood lineup has literally unlimited profile selection.

And the best part is…you can still make modifications to your boxes because you’re ordering new doors! Add that pantry you’ve always wanted, add those deep pot-drawers next to the stove, and even add a new custom island if you choose.

Pair your new fronts with a Cabinetry Painting with the color(s) of your choice, all-new handles/knobs, new soft-close hinges, and soft-close tracks on your drawers, and you’re all set.

cabinet refacing in Ottawa
NorthCo Services Cabinetry Refacing Ottawa

Initial Process

Similar to the process to our Cabinetry Painting services, The first step is to meet with our sales team to get a quote with the right details and pricing. Want to adjust and add or remove items once you’ve seen your tailored quote? No problem, our team is flexible and focuses primarily on the best customer service and solutions.
Once you’ve joined forces with our team, you’ll get to meet with one of our Interior Designers, who will help you pick out a new profile and material for your doors and drawer-fronts, cabinetry paint colors, new handles and other stylish items you need for your kitchen renovation. 

Now is a great time to also bring up adding cabinetry and custom carpentry items to your space, since you’re changing out all the front and can get the same ones on all existing and new cabinetry.

Thinking of those amazing soft-close hinges you once tried out? Good news, they’re included on every new door as a standard feature.
Once all of your selections are completed, you’ll meet your project manager, who will take care of you until project completion, making sure you are prepared for the renovation process, and also making sure the quality and results are to your standards throughout the project.