Your Kitchen

The most important room in your house is without a doubt your kitchen. This is where we all spend most of our day time when we’re home, hosting friends and family, and treating ourselves to some good company and great meals.

We’ve all seen amazing looking kitchens in magazines and thought, “I would love one of those some day”. There’s just something about a beautifully-designed kitchen that has a fresh, clean, popping look to it. We have a full in-house team of Designers who design hundreds of kitchens every year who can meet with you, recommend products from local suppliers in Ottawa, and get you that exact look you’ve been dreaming of.

Looks are one thing, but functionality is another. It seems like nowadays everyone is looking for a more functional layout, extra storage, more countertop space, and just some really awesome design features that make using your favorite space a pleasure all-around. Our Designers have a collection of practical and impressive solutions to help you maximize space and get the most out of your kitchen renovation.

At NorthCo Services, we say, why not you? And why not this year?

NorthCo Services Kitchen Renovations and Updates Ottawa
NorthCo Services Kitchen Renovations and Updates Ottawa
NorthCo Services Kitchen Renovations and Updates Ottawa

Types of Kitchen Renovation Services we offer

If you’re looking to do more than just a Cabinetry Painting or Cabinetry Refacing project with us, there are a couple of avenues you can choose.

The first option is what we have coined as the “Kitchen Update”. As the name implies, this is somewhat of a lighter renovation project, usually involving a Cabinetry Painting or Refacing that gets packaged in with new hardware, new Countertops, and a Backsplash. 

The more extensive version of a Kitchen Update is the classic Kitchen Renovation or Remodeling. This format can also start from a Cabinetry Painting or Refacing, but usually involves larger-scale cabinetry modifications, electrical, plumbing, flooring, paint, and anything you can think of in your kitchen space.

Whether your project falls in the lighter version, more extensive version, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at both options more in detail…

Kitchen Updates

Kitchen Updates are very popular nowadays because they do allow you do save money and time when compared to a larger-scale approach.

How do we save you time and money? Our team of expert salespeople will meet you in your home, look at your current setup, and see how we can keep and reuse as much of the existing fixtures and cabinetry as possible. 

By not throwing away the items that are still in good condition and by keeping roughly the same layout, you’ll get to cut back on having to replace everything and you’ll save weeks on your renovation project.

NorthCo Services Kitchen Renovations and Updates Ottawa

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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations are when you hire us to really change things up and transform your space. This is when you’ve decided to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. You can still keep some of the existing items if you wish, but the majority of the space will be new and gorgeous.

A typical scope-of-work includes: 

  • Full cabinetry refacing, handles/hardware, custom carpentry items like new islands, wall, base, and pantry boxes, headers, crown molding, custom drawers, and specialty pull-out systems;
  • Quartz Countertops, Sink, Faucet, and other plumbing items;
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, and Quartz Backsplash options;
  • Electrical items like pot lights and undercabinet lighting;
  • Flooring installation in either Ceramic, Porcelain, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, Hardwood, and Vinyl planks;
  • And more.
Join forces with us and you’ll see how superb it is to work with our team at every step, especially when working with your very own Interior Designer. At NorthCo Services, we take pride in having a Design team that communicates effectively with you every step of the way. They also know the best lines of products to help you get closer your dream kitchen.
You’ll also be impressed by how organized our Project Managers are. It’s not easy getting everything just right, it takes a special kind of team to do that for you. 

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