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Cabinetry Painting

Are you looking for top-notch kitchen cabinetry painting services in Ottawa? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

NorthCo Services was founded by professional painters 10 years ago. We were the first professional cabinetry painting company in Ottawa and have been perfecting our process and product selection ever since. 

At NorthCo Services, we know that quality and durability matter the most when it comes to painting your existing wood, MDF, and other cabinetry, that’s why we focus on doing the full process on each cabinetry piece, never cutting corners.

Our team of Kitchen cabinetry painters are professionals who take great pride in their work, just have a look at our reviews on various websites and see for yourself what other homeowners in Ottawa are saying about us. Our focus is to build lasting relationships with homeowners and to always give you the nicest outcomes.

Nothing will have a greater impact on your kitchen than a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets. 

Now, this is assuming that you like your current door profile and overall look. Need new doors? Check out our Cabinetry Refacing page. Want more than new doors? Check out our Kitchen Update and Kitchen Renovation pages for more info.

NorthCo Services Cabinetry Painting Services Ottawa Kitchen
NorthCo Services Cabinetry Painting Services Ottawa Kitchen 2

Top reasons to invest in Cabinetry Painting Services

It’ll make your dated kitchen look fresh and amazing

Your cabinetry surfaces are the most obvious aspect and large surface area of your kitchen. If you’re tired of the dark, dated, wood look, a simple 1-2 week project with us can bring a whole new look. By doing the process correctly from start to finish, you’ll get long-lasting painted cabinetry that you will love. 

Relatively small investment for such great results

Most homeowners in Ottawa who invest in a Cabinetry Painting with us do so because they have cabinetry that is still in great shape, but they just need to refresh the overall look. Why scrap all those nice hardwood doors and solid cabinetry if you don’t have to? Painting your doors, drawer-fronts, and cabinetry surfaces, rather than buying new ones, is the best way to spend a little bit and get a lot. 

Save time and money

How? Our model is to try and re-use as much as possible of your existing kitchen layout and items, to save you time and money. If your doors and drawer-fronts are in great shape already or just need some minor repairs, this is a no-brainer. 

Also, by not trashing your existing kitchen and rebuilding from scratch, you’ll be back in your kitchen in a matter of weeks, not months, and you won’t be spending tremendous amounts on new design, new cabinetry, or other items you already have and use. Other kitchen renovators may try to convince you to throw it all out, but don’t fall for it! And keep in mind, we still do offer the other services you might be looking to add to your Cabinetry Painting services. See our Kitchen Renovations page for full details. 

Get a free, no-obligation quote for your Cabinetry Painting project!

kitchen cabinet refinishing in Ottawa
cabinet refacing in Ottawa

Products and Equipment

At NorthCo Services, we are confident when we say our cabinetry painting surpasses all others in Ottawa, and we stand behind it with a 5yr on materials and labor.

Firstly, because we do a tremendous amount of research into products. Our paint specialists stay on top of emerging, greener paint technologies to offer you the best mix of paint quality, environmental-friendliness, and  finish/durability. 

Secondly, because we use the best HVLP paint-sprayers on the cabinetry painting market. And as with products, we update as needed, to stay with current technological advances. Not to mention the training our team gets from industry experts and paint manufacturers. We provide both off-site and on-site spray-finishing services using HVLP sprayers on all your cabinetry surfaces, doors, drawer-fronts, and other items.

We know how to get that lasting, chip and humidity-resistant bond needed in high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Have a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages for recent projects we’ve completed! Feel free to ask our team about more before and after pictures of projects also.

Initial Process

Similar to the process to our Cabinetry Refacing services, The first step is to meet with our sales team to get a quote with the right details and pricing. Want to adjust and add or remove items once you’ve seen your tailored quote? No problem, our team is flexible and focuses primarily on the best customer service and solutions.

 Once you’ve joined forces with our team, you’ll get to meet with one of our Interior Designers, who will help you pick out cabinetry paint colors, new handles and other stylish items you need for your kitchen renovation. 

Once all of your selections are completed, you’ll meet your project manager, who will take care of you until project completion, making sure you are prepared for the renovation process, and also making sure the quality and results are to your standards throughout the project. 

kitchen cabinet refacing in Ottawa
NorthCo Services Cabinetry Painting Services Ottawa Kitchen Whitestone
Kitchen Renovation Services Ottawa NorthCo Cabinetry Painting Whitestone

Paint Process

Once the project starts, the first thing we do is protect your space and all belongings, as if it was our home.

All cabinetry paint items (doors, drawer-fronts, panels, etc.) are then removed, labelled, and transported to our workshop. Here, our team will start by cleaning/degreasing all the items, scuffing them, repairing minor damage with high-grade epoxy filler, priming them with lacquer primer, then applying Acrylic Polymer topcoats with our HVLP system. Topcoats are applied and adjusted until our shop manager approves them to go on to the curing room, where they harden as per manufacturer’s specs. 

While our team is hard at work in our workshop, we have another crew that masks and protects your entire kitchen, then proceed with the same caution and care on all of your other cabinetry surfaces, so that everything matches perfectly.

Want new hole spacing for your doors? No problem, we can fill, sand, and drill your painted doors seamlessly. Want new hinge systems, we can even prepare your existing doors for new pocket hinges with soft-close option. 

A good clean-up of the space, and you’re all set to use your brand new kitchen!