Kitchen Remodeling Ottawa On – 7 Best kitchen Updates


If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling Ottawa Ontario, you’re in the right place. Here are some kitchen updates in Ottawa that will completely transform the look of your house on a budget. If you want to transform the look of your kitchen with the smallest disruptions to your house or your lifestyle, you’re in the right place. Keep on reading to find the best ideas for your kitchen remodeling Ottawa On.

Most kitchen remodeling project start on a positive note.

Even though home improvement projects have some unpleasant aspects, homeowners envision a wonderful new kitchen stocked with new cabinets, new floor or some kitchen backsplashes with cool designs .

Big kitchen renovations, however, can be quite disruptive to your home and your lifestyle. They come with delays, they can be quite noisy, and you’ll potentially lose access to your kitchen for a little while.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling Ottawa On, there’s a better way to do it. At Northco, We offer kitchen updates in Ottawa that are simple and quick and that will completely transform the look of your home.

Best kitchen updates for kitchen remodeling Ottawa On

So you might be wondering what are the kitchen updates that will give you the biggest bang for your bucks? What are some kitchen updates in Ottawa that, although small, will have the potential to completely transform your kitchen?

If that’s what you’re wondering then read on, here is a list of small but extremely powerful kitchen transformations:

  1. Update your cabinets

Updating the appearance of your kitchen cabinets is something that will have a massive impact on the look of your kitchen and it’s not as expensive as a full blown kitchen remodeling Ottawa On.

There are many techniques you can use to transform the look of your cabinets.

One method would be to reface your cabinets. Refacing cabinets in Ottawa means stripping away the old paint or stain, washing and sanding the surface, and then repainting or staining it. When refacing your old cabinets, we work with the strongest component and install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Another method is refinishing your cabinets. This method is great if your cabinet doors are still in perfect condition as we’ll only need to sand them and apply a new coat of paint to their surface.

2. Paint your kitchen walls

Even if this isn’t really a kitchen renovation, adding a new coat of paint on the walls of your kitchen will have a tremendous impact on the look of your house. This kitchen update in Ottawa will do wonders in just a short amount of time.

Applying a lighter color to your kitchen walls will give the impression that your kitchen is a lot bigger. A new color can also be added to your kitchen to create a nice contrast with your cabinets.

3. change the style of your kitchen

Changing the style of your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or disruptive to your lifestyle. It can actually be done quickly and effectively on a budget.

We’ll meticulously update your kitchen in Ottawa to give you the most beautiful finish, regardless of your budget or style. We’ll present you with a range of design options so you can start designing your dream kitchen right away.

This is one of our most popular kitchen remodeling Ottawa On.

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Quick things that can be added or changed in your kitchen

There is a lot of quick fixes that can be done in your kitchen to completely alter its look in a short time, on a budget, and with the smallest amount of disruptions possible.

Here are a few small changes that will have a big impact on the look of your kitchen:

4. Change out the worktops of your kitchen

Installing new kitchen worktops is a kitchen update in Ottawa that will beautify your home. It can be done to contrast a fresh coat of paint on your walls to create a new look and style.

At Northco we have access to a great selection of worktops for your kitchen remodeling in Ottawa Ontario. Do you need to transform your kitchen in Ottawa? Contact us today for a free estimate!

5. Change out your kitchen handles

Even though your cabinet handles might look great, changing them will completely refresh the look of your kitchen.

Handles have a big impact on the look and feel of a kitchen cabinet or drawer, and handle-less cabinets can also make a big statement.

Your cabinet handles will have an impact on how a kitchen feels and might tip the style in one direction or the other.

6. Install new sinks

Installing new sinks is a kitchen update that will make your kitchen look a lot cleaner and fresher in no time. If you need kitchen remodeling Ottawa on, contact us today to see our selection of kitchen sinks!

7. Replace a faucet

The sink area is one of the most used areas in the kitchen, and faucets are used on a daily basis. An upgraded faucet would provide an immediate obvious kitchen improvement due to its regular use. Kitchen fixtures offer flair and enhance the overall design in addition to being functional.

8. Update the lights of your kitchen

This is another kitchen update that packs a punch. By changing your lights you can create a warmer or colder ambiance in your kitchen.

A great idea is to add under cabinet lighting or add lights under your hanging shelves.

These concealed fixtures are able to fit in without being intrusive or clashing with the existing decor. They’re helpful for reading recipes and preparing food. An under cabinet lighting system will not only improve the brightness and general look and feel of your area, but it is also one of the most cost-effective methods to raise your home’s market value.

Why work with us for your kitchen remodeling Ottawa On?

We specialize in kitchen updates but there is absolutely no kitchen remodeling Ottawa On project that we can’t tackle. We can make your wildest dreams come true, from simple renovations that don’t change the structure of your kitchen to larger projects that necessitate a complete reworking of your existing kitchen space!

With years of experience in the field of kitchen updating, we can do kitchen remodeling in Ottawa without disrupting your lifestyle.

We’re also the company to contact if you need a bigger kitchen transformation where everything in your kitchen, including the walls, needs to be moved.

We will treat your home as if it were our own, with the utmost care and respect. After the kitchen update is completed, we take great care to thoroughly clean the work area.

We will invite you to a detailed walk-through of our work following our own inspection. You may also be contacted for a follow-up satisfaction survey to see how well we met your expectations.

Contact us today if you need a kitchen update. We offer kitchen remodeling in Ottawa and we can’t wait to help you transform the look of your house.

We’ll treat your home just like if it was ours and we’ll do all we can to beautify it while causing the least amount of disruptions to your lifestyle.

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