Basement Kitchen Ideas

Are you planning to renovate your basement and transform it into a second suite or into an apartment? A great idea to transform your basement into a wonderful living space is to add a kitchen or small kitchenette to it.

In this article, we’ll share with you some of our best basement kitchen ideas. We’ll tell you what are the different steps to install a basement kitchen and we’ll share with you our best ideas to add a stylish kitchen to your basement.

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What are the steps to install a basement kitchen?

Your basement was probably not originally designed to have a kitchen in it. Because of this, it likely lacks proper fire exits, vents to move out cooking fumes, and some electrical outlets to plug appliances such as a dishwasher.

At Northco, we follow simple steps to transform your basement and add a functioning and stylish kitchen to it.

Tell us about your basement kitchen ideas

Before our team of designers creates an architectural plan for your basement, we’ll need to understand what your ideal basement kitchen looks like. By telling us about your basement kitchen ideas, our designers will be able to help you create a gorgeous space.

If a full-size kitchen is too big of a project or too costly for your basement we can also help design and install a smaller kitchenette for a fraction of the cost.

Our team of designers will work side by side with you to design a space that will embellish your basement.

We’ll Design the basement kitchen

After we’ve reviewed your basement kitchen ideas, our Ottawa design specialists will design and plan a living space that is beautiful, functional, and a reflection of your lifestyle and needs.

We’ll add in the design plan any vents that would need to be added and electrical outlets as well as any plumbing renovations that are needed.

We’ll renovate your basement and install your basement kitchen

After designing the space according to your basement kitchen ideas, we’ll start the renovations and transformations of your basement.

Have a look at our basement renovation process here.

Before we start any renovation of your basement, we’ll start by taking care of any foundation problem that needs to be fixed before we move on to the construction. We’ll make sure to waterproof the walls and floor and treat any mold that could be present.

We’ll also take care of any new plumbing or wiring that might be needed before we start with the actual design of the basement itself.

Once the essentials have been covered, we’ll start working on the construction of your dream basement kitchen.

basement kitchen ideas
Installing a kitchen in your basement will transform the look of your house!

Things to consider when you install a basement kitchen

There are a few essential things you’ll have to keep in mind when installing a kitchen in your basement:

Having proper ventilation

Installing a kitchen in your basement will require proper ventilation. Basement kitchens rarely have sufficient ventilation unless they’re installed by professionals. This can trap odors and smoke inside the basement.

Storage options

An important thing to consider when creating your basement kitchen will be your storage options. The size of your cupboards and kitchen cabinets will depend on the dimensions of your basement.

You’ll also need to incorporate in your basement kitchen space for pantries and shelves. Before designing a basement kitchen plan for you, we’ll initially visit your house to take measurements of your basement and see how much space can be dedicated to the kitchen.


Safety is paramount for a basement kitchen. It’s important to install fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and sprinklers to make sure your kitchen is completely safe. It’s also important to plan an escape route and never block the basement exit.

Why should you install a kitchen in your basement?

Adding a kitchen to your basement is a great idea for many reasons. It will expand your living space and this investment will also increase the value of your home if you plan to sell it in the future.

Adding a kitchen to your basement also makes it much more inviting if you want to have friends over or if you want to receive family at home.

Here are a few more reasons why you should add a kitchen to your basement:

Your basement provides better design opportunities

Your basement will provide you with space and opportunities for experimentation that you wouldn’t necessarily find in your main-level kitchen. It’s the perfect place to bring all your basement kitchen ideas to life!

A great way to integrate a kitchen to your basement is to install it along a wall and add to it some gorgeous kitchen cabinets paired with a stylish countertop. You’ll have a stunning kitchenette in your basement but you’ll still have living space around it.

If you have plenty of space, a full-size kitchen layout will be the perfect area for entertaining your guests. Include a kitchen island, appliances, and a marble countertop, and you’ll be moving in there yourself.

Better use of your basement space

Most of the time, basements are used as an extra storage space and are a bit under-utilized. Over the years, they become a bit of a forgotten space where old boxes pile up.

Transforming your basement into a beautiful living space and adding a kitchen to it will help you use that space to its full potential.

You’ll save on renovation costs

Structural load requirements won’t be needed if you install a kitchen in your basement. Also, different utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and sewers will be easily accessed helping you save even more money.

The drains and plumbings will also be easily accessed so adding a dishwasher or a sink will be inexpensive. Since panel boxes are located in the basement, adding electrical outlets and lighting won’t be a big investment.

Kitchen renovations are often considered the most important selling point of a house by real estate agents. Creating a basement kitchen makes perfect financial sense since you’ll be increasing the value of your home at a fraction of the cost.

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We hope this article gave you some great basement kitchen ideas. If you have questions, let us know in the comments below! Are you ready to install a kitchen in your basement? Contact us for a free quote today!