Best Capecod siding in Ottawa – 4 things to Know about Capecod Siding

Capecod siding is one of the best wood siding manufacturers. If you want siding that has the look of natural wood and that comes with a low-maintenance finish, Capecod siding is definitely the siding you’ll want to use. Here, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Capecod siding, from Capecod shingles to Capecod colors and everything in between.

When it comes to Canadian wood siding, Capecod siding offers some of the best siding products in the industry. Cape cod finished wood siding combines durability and strength with the beauty of real wood siding.

Cape cod siding is extremely versatile and comes in horizontal and vertical planks that can be combined as you wish to create beautiful patterns and designs.

If you want the timeless charm of real wood, Capecod siding is the way to go. To know how Capecod siding could transform and beautify your home, read on! Here, we’ll tell you about all the advantages of Capecod siding, Capecod colors, and about the Cape cod siding cost.

1. What is Capecod siding made of?

Capecod siding is made from some of the best hand-selected Canadian Lodgepole Pine. Only the best planks are slowly kiln dried to ensure they have the low moisture content required to create strong, sturdy siding.

If you want to install Capecod siding on your home in Ottawa, give us a call today to get your free estimate!

2. What are the advantages of Capecod siding?

Capecod wood siding offers many advantages over petroleum-based siding products. Here are just a few:

Capecod siding is super easy to install

One of the top advantages of Capecod siding is how easy it is to install it. You won’t require any special equipment to install this type of siding since it’s very light and it uses a very practical interlocking system that allows you to insert every plank into each other.

Capecod wood siding is very easy to cut to the exact sizes you require and it can be installed in no time.

Capecod siding is a green option

For homeowners who want a great-looking house while decreasing their impact on the environment, Capecod siding is probably one of the best options on the market right now.

Capecod siding is 100% wood. This makes this siding material non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Wood siding is sustainable and can last for years if properly maintained. It’s also a completely recyclable and renewable resource.

Capecod siding can be painted very easily

One of the main advantages of Capecod siding is that it can be painted super easily. Capecod planks are already painted when you buy them but since the siding is made out of wood, you’ll be able to paint or repaint it as you wish.

This will allow you to customize and transform the look of your home over the years. If you’re interested in seeing the different color selection Capecod offers, you can have a look at it here.

Maintaining and repairing Capecod siding is super easy

One great advantage of Capecod siding is how easy it is to maintain it.

If some of your siding started to rot or got damaged because of hail, for example, you won’t need to replace all the planks. If Capecod siding is properly installed, it can last for more than 50 years.

But without proper attention or installation, water could seep in between your planks and they could begin rotting after only a few years, especially near the foundation. Water can splash up from the ground, and soak the vulnerable bottom edges.

The advantage of Capecod siding and of all wood siding, in general, is how easy it is to replace individual boards. With wood siding, parts can be easily removed and replaced and these repairs are usually so easy that the homeowner can do them himself without needing to pay experts.

Wood siding will never go out of fashion

If you’re building your forever home and you want a style that will never be out of fashion, wood siding is the best option. Wood siding will offer a rich and vibrant look to your home that will always look good.

Wood does require a lot of maintenance but the beauty and curb appeal it gives your home is totally worth it! If you like the classic and timeless look of real wood and want to install Capecod siding on your home, call us for a free estimate today!

3. What are the different colors and styles of Capecod siding?

Capecod offers some great siding choices as well as trim, and shingles. All these different options will complement and enhance your home’s design to reflect your lifestyle and taste. Capecod offers the classic horizontal and traditional bevel and the vertical board and batten.

Have a look at the siding specifications of Capecod to see all the different siding options they have.

When it comes to colors and finishes, Capecod siding offers a huge selection of different colors and styles.

After the kiln-dried wood is ready, two coats of the finest finish are applied. These coats contain a 100% acrylic paint that offers maximum protection and adhesion. Capecod siding is backed by a 15 year limited warranty against peeling, chalking and blistering and is available in the color of your choice.

Have a look at their color selection here.

4. What can affect your Capecod siding cost?

It’s impossible to know exactly how much it will cost you to install Capecod siding on your home unless we visit it first. We offer free estimate for Capecod siding installation in the Ottawa region. Contact us today for your free siding estimate.

Although it’s impossible to tell you exactly how much a siding installation will cost, here are a few factors that will influence the final price of your Capecod siding installation:

The size of your house: The size of your Capecod siding project will influence the final costs. The bigger your home is, the bigger the surface of the walls that need to be covered will be.

Another thing to take into consideration is the amount of windows your home has. This could also impact the final price.

Getting rid of old siding: If you want to replace your siding, you’ll have to get rid of the old one first. The cost of labor to get rid of old siding will add to the final cost of your project.

The type of Capecod siding you choose: Capecod offers many different options of siding. Whether you want a particular width of planks or a specific color, you’ll find it with Capecod. These different options all come at a different price and some are more costly than others.

The location of your project: Costs of labor to complete your project could be higher or lower depending on the city where you install your new siding. We specialize in installing Capecod siding in Ottawa. Call us for a free Capecod siding installation quote today.

If our analysis of Capecod siding has convinced you that this product is absolutely worth the investment, we’d be very happy to work with you and help you create your dream home. At Northco we specialize in installing high end siding and they’re is absolutely no project that we can’t tackle.

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