Composite Decking Pros and Cons

Adding a deck to your home will increase your living space and provide you with a place where you can fully enjoy the summer. It will be the ideal space to laugh, relax with friends, and soak in the sun.

If you have a wooden deck, you’ll have to stain and renovate it every now and then for it to last as long as possible. Over time this can become costly. The perfect alternative to wooden decks is composite decks. They’re made from wood products such as sawdust and recycled plastics.

composite decking pros and cons

By combining synthetic and organic materials, these decks capture the best of both worlds. They’re super durable and look and feel similar to wood decking.

If you’re not totally convinced about getting a composite deck in your backyard, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of such an investment.

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Composite Decking Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros of getting a composite deck:


The number one benefit of a composite deck is its durability. Composite decks are designed to resist scratching, fading, staining, and mold. They won’t crack or warp and they’re also insect-proof and splinter-free.

This makes them the perfect and safer choice for families with kids and pets.

They’re made to withstand the elements for decades without requiring any treatment.

composite decking pros and cons

Low maintenance

Traditional wooden decks require regular staining, sanding, or painting. A composite deck on the other hand doesn’t need any maintenance.

It will maintain a beautiful appearance for decades and only requires an occasional soap-and-water cleaning. Trex high-performance composite deck boards come with a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

Composite decks come in a wide range of colors

Composite decks planks are sold in a huge range of textures and tones. They have gorgeous wood grain patterns and rich, saturated colors. An awesome thing to do is to combine planks of different tones and colors to create a dramatic effect.

Composite deck colors go from earth tones, natural browns, and refined reds to trendy whites and grays.

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Composite decks offer a lot more value

Even though the initial price for installing a composite deck is higher, you’ll end up saving money that you would have spent in the maintenance of a traditional deck.

composite decking pros and cons

While there are tons of advantages to getting a composite deck, here are a few downsides worth considering:

A composite deck’s colors can’t be changed

Because composite decks are designed as maintenance-free products, their colors are permanent. The color, tint, and shade of the planks cannot be changed as you would be able to with wooden decks.

This is both an advantage and a downside of composite decks. On one side you’ll have a certain peace of mind since your deck doesn’t require any work. The downside is you won’t have the option of applying stains of different colors every few years.

Composite decks are more expensive

The price of composite decks is usually more expensive than regular wooden decks. These decks can cost from 50 to 100 percent more than normal lumber.

Although composite decks come at a higher initial price for material and installation, the lower maintenance cost means you could end up saving money in the long term.

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