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Want to know what are the advantages of hiring a design-builder in Ottawa? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Design Build Ottawa. From the current state of the design-build industry in Ottawa to how it can benefit your renovation project.


For a long time, the traditional project delivery method of hiring your designer and builder separately ruled the construction industry in Ottawa.

Today, however, homeowners can also hire design-build contractors in Ottawa for their home renovations. The design-build approach to construction is quite simple yet extremely effective.

Design-Build contractors in Ottawa employ a team of estimators, designers, architects, and builders working together from start to finish in open communication to deliver incredible results.

This gives the advantage of dealing with a single company that runs the whole project from inception to completion. It reduces costs, streamlines the schedules, and augments the efficiency of your renovation project.

design build ottawa

Selecting a Design-Builder in Ottawa


There are a few design-build companies in Ottawa and selecting the right one for your project might not be so obvious.

At Northco, we specialize in turnkey construction and we’re one of the top design-build contractors in Ottawa. Design-Build in Ottawa is what we do!

We have assembled a team of estimators, designers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals from across the nation’s capital to match the unique demands of any given project.

Consistency and quality are at the core of our renovations. We always operate with the same process to deliver quality results time after time. Our aim is to design a distinct space that fits your lifestyle and create a home that is uniquely yours.

design build ottawa

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Design Build Ottawa vs traditional project delivery


People usually believe that traditional construction delivery can achieve the lowest total construction cost since you’ll be obtaining bids of competitive contractors.

However, the contractor is often selected based on price, not performance, which can impact the project’s quality.

Another disadvantage of the traditional approach to construction and renovation is the time it requires. You’ll need to invest time to find good designers and architects and then relay the blueprint of your project to a building contractor.

design build ottawa

At Northco, we’ll help you avoid going through these time-consuming and costly procedures. We’re a design-build firm in Ottawa that offers a turnkey approach where you’ll only need to liaise with one entity rather than managing several different companies.

We’ll assume complete project responsibility from design to costs to schedule. It will be less time-consuming for you the owner and will minimize designer-contractor conflicts since they are on the same team.

Our design-build approach will offer you greater cost certainty, a faster project schedule, custom design, better quality, and greater peace of mind.

design build ottawa

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Advantages of Design-Build in Ottawa


Opting for working with a design-build contractor in Ottawa offers many different advantages. Here are just a few:

Rapid delivery of your renovation project

The different professionals involved in a design-build project all work in collaboration and there’s only one selection phase instead of two. Because of this, the renovation project can be completed in a much faster time frame.

Smooth process

Design-build contractors in Ottawa save you the headaches of having to find different professionals. This eliminates the potential conflicting recommendations from contractors and architects. Instead, you’ll work with one company that will be responsible for all the design and construction elements.

Better communication

A successful renovation project requires a lot of communication between all the parties involved. The design-build approach to construction is team-oriented. This promotes communication and transparency between all the different levels of the project.


You need to renovate your home and want the peace of mind our design-build company will give you? Contact us today for your free estimate and let us know how we can help you create your dream home!


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