Kitchen remodel Ottawa – 5 reasons why you should work with Northco

If you’re in need of a kitchen remodel Ottawa, you’ll need to work with the absolute best kitchen remodel contractors. At Northco we have years of expertise in the kitchen remodeling field and we’ll tell you exactly why you should work with us to remodel your kitchen in Ottawa.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a huge step towards transforming your house into your dream home. You could also remodel your kitchen because you want to increase the value of your house or because you want to have a bigger space where you can prepare delicious meals for your whole family.

There are a million good reasons to remodel your kitchen. However, one thing is extremely important, if you want your kitchen to look incredible, you’ll need to work with the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Ottawa.

A lot of companies can remodel your kitchen in Ottawa but only a few can offer you the expertise and the commitment to quality that you truly deserve. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Ottawa, Northco is the company you should contact.

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Top reasons we’re the best kitchen remodel Ottawa company to work with

Here are a few reasons why we are the perfect match for your kitchen remodel Ottawa:

Our commitment to quality

At Northco, we are committed to delivering quality kitchen renovations. Time after time. Our highly skilled kitchen designers will help you plan the kitchen of your dreams. We won’t leave any detail out of the equation.

From the way light enters your kitchen, and the symmetry between your kitchen cabinets, to the aesthetics of your countertops and your kitchen island, our kitchen renovations will be thoroughly planned and executed. At Northco we don’t cut corners and consistently deliver quality work. Have a look at our online reviews, they speak for themselves.

Our kitchen designers will work directly with you to outline the plans of your dream kitchen and ensure it’s exactly the way you want it.

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The timely execution of our renovations

Completing a kitchen remodel in Ottawa on your own means that you’ll have to take time off from school, work, and your social life. If you have kids at home, it can also be super difficult to keep any type of regular schedule.

Our team of kitchen remodel experts will execute all the renovations in a timely manner so you’ll be able to enjoy your house as quickly as possible.

kitchen remodel ottawa

Years of experience

At Northco we have years of experience in kitchen remodeling and there is absolutely no project that we can’t tackle. We can do everything from creating an open concept kitchen to transforming the look of your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or even expanding your kitchen to give you more space.
Our extensive experience in kitchen remodeling means we can do absolutely everything that is needed to transform your kitchen.

Here are just a few of the kitchen remodeling services we offer:

Kitchen repainting and wall covering
Complete architectural designs for your project
Flooring placement and material selection and supply
Countertop installation
Cabinetry design
Fixture selections and supply, including sinks, faucets
Light fixtures
Built-in unit design supplied and installed

We can also reorganize the plumbing, ventilation, and electrics of your kitchen if needed.

kitchen remodel ottawa

We can address more intensive kitchen remodels in Ottawa than our competition

Because we can address bigger projects that require the total reworking of your existing kitchen space, we can bring your wildest dreams to life!

With years of experience in the field of kitchen remodeling, we can address bigger kitchen remodels in Ottawa. If you need a bigger kitchen transformation, everything in your kitchen, including the walls, could need to be moved.

Kitchen renovations like these may require new plumbing and electrical may need to be updated to the current building code. These types of challenges are no problem for our renovation experts.

If you have a kitchen remodel Ottawa project that requires heavy-duty operations, contact us for a free quote today!

kitchen remodel ottawa

We specialize in Open concept kitchens in Ottawa

One of our strong suits is the open concept kitchen. Just imagine a wide-open kitchen that seamlessly connects with the dining room and the living room. A kitchen that has a gorgeous kitchen island, beautiful light, and ventilation, and that gives you the opportunity to effortlessly entertain your guests while you cook.

Open concept kitchens are becoming a very popular kitchen remodel and it’s totally understandable. They have a design that increases the space and functionality of your home. They’re also the perfect type of kitchen for families and ideal for having guests over.

If you want this type of kitchen remodel in Ottawa, you might have to get rid of a load-bearing wall to expand your kitchen space but that’s not a challenge for Northco’s team of renovation experts.

Have a look at the pros and cons of getting an open concept kitchen in Ottawa.

If you feel inspired to work with us on your kitchen remodel Ottawa project, contact us today for your free estimate.

After you book your free consultation, we’ll determine with you what is the best way to increase your kitchen space. Our kitchen design professionals will help you choose the style and products that best suit your needs and budget.