Ottawa design and build

What are the advantages of Ottawa design and build companies? Why should you work with an Ottawa design and build firm instead of a traditional renovation contractor? In this article we’ll tell you everything about the current state of the construction industry in Ottawa when it comes to working with design-build contractors.

If you’re planning some home renovations in Ottawa, you’ll come across many construction companies and independent contractors, however, none of these firms offer the advantages of a design-build company.

Traditional contractors used an approach in which the designers, architects, and builders were all contracted separately, but that’s not really effective anymore. At Northco, our Ottawa design and build company can offer you a much more effective strategy to renovate your home.

Whether your project is a kitchen, or bathroom renovation, a home addition, or any other type of renovation, working with an Ottawa design and build firm will ensure you only have to work with one team.

Ottawa design and build

At Northco, our team of designers and builders all work together under one roof to offer you a much better design, faster service, timely completion of your project, more value for your money and the home you’ve always dreamed off.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what advantages you’ll get from working with our Ottawa design and build company, we’ll also compare the prices of traditional contractors and design-build companies in Ottawa.

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Why work with an Ottawa design and build firm

There are plenty of advantages in working with an Ottawa design and build firm over a more traditional contractor.

First off, you’ll have a much more rapid delivery of your renovation project since the different professionals involved in a design-build project all work in collaboration.

There’s also only one selection phase instead of two. Because of this, the renovation project can be completed in a much faster time frame.

Ottawa design and build

Apart from a rapid and timely renovation, the whole process will be a lot smoother since it will save you the headaches of having to find different professionals to work with.

In Design Build Ottawa – Advantages of a Design-build Company, we give you a list of all the advantages you’ll get from a design-build company. In this article, we also tell you what are the things you should look out for when selecting a design-build company to work with.

Ottawa design and build

Are Ottawa design and build companies more expensive?

A major benefit of Ottawa design and build companies is the huge amount of money you’ll be saving. Because you won’t be contracting the designer and the builder separately, you’ll avoid all the additional fees that would come from working with two different companies. With quicker turnarounds, you’ll be saving around 6% on the total project costs.

Ottawa design and build options are also less expensive in terms of the overall energy you’ll be spending overseeing your renovation project.

It can become really draining and costly for home owners to manage and coordinate different companies.

Ottawa design and build

Ottawa design and build companies eliminate this problem by bringing the designers and builders under the same roof. As a result, your project workload, stress, and costs will be reduced.

You’ll end up having fewer trips out of the office, fewer meetings and your renovation management costs will strongly decrease.

Northco has helped a tremendous amount of home owners in the Canadian capital save money thanks to our great Ottawa design and build options.

When you work with us, we know your goals and ideas at every stage of the building process. That’s a great advantage because it means that all the material sourcing and building decisions will be in line with your goals.

Ottawa design and build

Are you planning to renovate your home? Don’t hesitate and adopt the Ottawa design and build method today!