Accessible Bathroom in Ottawa

As Ottawa’s population is aging, making bathrooms safer for our senior citizens is becoming more important. The need to accommodate homes for parents or for loved ones with reduced mobility is more present than ever.

At Northco, one of our priorities is to design bathrooms that are easily used by seniors. If you need help to renovate your bathroom and transform it into a seniors bathroom or an accessible bathroom in Ottawa, contact us today for a free estimate of your project.

We know that nothing will have as much of a positive impact on your home than a bathroom that is tailored specifically to the needs of the senior members of your family.

accessible bathroom - accessible bathroom in Ottawa

If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom in Ottawa, you can read about our bathroom renovations in Ottawa and have a look at a few of the bathrooms that we renovated first.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating a senior-friendly bathroom.

How to make your bathroom more senior-friendly

Most modern bathrooms are designed for young adults with a full range of mobility. On top of that, they use tiles that easily become slippery when wet.

If you want to make your bathroom easier to use for seniors, an important factor to consider is reducing the risk of slipping. When we design accessibility bathrooms in Ottawa we also consider the fact that seniors can have problems sitting, climbing or reaching for items.

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accessible bathroom - bathroom renovation in Ottawa

Essential renovations to make your bathroom more senior-friendly

Change the location of your bathroom to make it more accessible

Walking upstairs can be quite difficult for elderly people. The best renovation you can do to make your house more senior-friendly is to change the location of the bathroom. You can also ensure there is a bathroom on the floor where the senior will spend most of his time.

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Opt for slip resistant tiles

The main reason why most bathrooms are not apt for seniors is because they have slippery floors. When designing an accessibility bathroom in Ottawa, we choose tiles with a rougher texture that will be safer when the inevitable water splashes happen.

While an elderly person is more likely to suffer significant injury if he or she slips on a wet floor, disabled and mobility restricted people will also benefit from a non-slip floor.

Perhaps one of the best options for accessibility bathroom floors is vinyl flooring. Some of these floors are specifically designed to provide slip resistance. Vinyl flooring is also very easy to maintain since it doesn’t stain. It’s also very durable and unlikely to damage if using a wheelchair.

accessible bathroom - seniors bathroom in Ottawa

Get Curbless showers and Walk-in bathtubs

Curbless showers

If it’s impossible to get into your shower without walking over a curb, it won’t be suitable and safe for elderlies. To make your shower senior-friendly, you’ll have to transform the part of the room where it’s located into what’s known as a “wet room”.

The floor as well as the walls in this part of the bathroom will need to be moisture-sealed and tiled. You’ll also need to make sure there is no curb or any barrier to the shower to reduce the risk of falling.

Walk-in bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are a very convenient option for seniors who prefer to bathe. These are usually much taller baths with a door on the side. This door can be opened and closed as long as there is no water in the bath.

These bathtubs are very comfortable and convenient to sit into, especially for people with reduced mobility. The seat is at the height of a chair.

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Install grab bars and rails in the bathtub and shower

Grab bars and rails are some of the first things we consider when designing accessibility bathrooms in Ottawa. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your bathroom more elderly-friendly.

Installing grab bars and rails in your bathroom will make bathing and using the toilet easier for the elderly person. It will also be helpful to any caregiver helping the seniors use the bathroom.

Improve the lighting of your bathroom

It’s quite important for seniors to have brighter lights in a bathroom. It’s a great way to prevent accidents and falls. People with reduced vision and mobility may also find darker bathrooms a bit more dangerous.

To reduce the risk of accidental falls, even more, it’s a good idea to install a separate light in the shower as well.

accessible bathroom - senior bathroom in Ottawa

When it comes to bathrooms used by seniors, a great design is one that is based on functionality. Although the beauty of a bathroom is something that always remains important, an accessibility bathroom will need to be both practical and cozy.

Our team of bathroom designers in Ottawa will help you create a senior-friendly bathroom that will meet all of your criteria, be extremely beautiful, and totally safe to use.

If you need an accessibility bathroom in Ottawa don’t wait and contact us today for your free quote. We’ll improve the independence of your loved ones and create a senior-friendly bathroom they’ll love using.

What renovations have you made in your bathroom? Do you have other ideas you would add to this list of renovations to make your bathroom more senior-friendly?

Let us know in the comments below.