Choosing Celect Siding in Ottawa – 3 Reasons why Cellular Composite Siding is right for your House

By now you probably heard about Celect siding in Ottawa. It’s one of the best cellular composite siding you can choose to cover your house but do you know the advantages of cellular composite siding? Here, we’ll dive deeper into all the different advantages of Cellular composite siding in Ottawa.

When it’s time to put new siding on their house, homeowners will face a lot of different choices. Wood, vinyl, and fiber cement are really popular but have you ever considered Cellular composite siding?

If you’re looking for a type of siding that will last for years to come, that is light and easy to install and that requires virtually no maintenance, cellular composite siding is the right choice for you.

This type of siding offers many different advantages over more traditional siding like wood siding or cement fiber siding. It combines beautiful aesthetics with zero maintenance needed to deliver one of the hottest siding material on the market.

On of the most popular Cellular composite siding in Ottawa is Celect siding. In 5 Top Things you Need to Know about Celect Siding, we share valuable information about a cellular composite siding that we have fallen in love with over the years.

In today’s article, we’ll dive deep into different advantages that are unique to cellular composite siding and we’ll show you why this product is the right one for you.

Celect siding in Ottawa

Advantages of Cellular Composite Siding in Ottawa

1. The incredible aesthetics of cellular composite siding

the best-looking siding is without a doubt cellular composite siding. One of the selling points of Celect siding, for example, is how good it looks. The interlocking joints of most cellular composite siding guarantee a seamless surface. With cellular composite siding you won’t see any unnecessary caulking, nail heads or buckling.

The seamless finish of the product is just the beginning. Most cellular composite sidings come in a wide variety of stunning styles and colors.

One of the main advantage of this is the possibility to have the look of real wood without the maintenance that is usually associated with such a product. You’ll have the peace of mind that your house possesses wood like beauty while being resistant to mold, caulking, heat, and cold.

The Celect siding planks come in 15 contemporary colors that can reflect both upscale and more traditional homes. These planks have a gorgeous grain texture with a seamless finish. The seams are almost undetectable from just a few feet away.

2. Cellular composite siding is super easy to install

Whether you go for Celect siding in Ottawa or another type of cellular composite siding for your home, you’ll quickly realize that they are made of super light material that is easy to install. This product is designed to be installed super quickly.

Celect siding in Ottawa

3. Almost no maintenance is required

Cellular composite siding is designed to repel mold, insects, and humidity. The factory finish that covers it will block any moisture or mildew from entering the joints between the planks. The interlocking designs that most Cellular composite planks use will also keep all the moisture out.

Cellular composite siding is a product that will also never need to be re-caulked since the planks use an interlocking system and they aren’t glued together.

Celect siding in Ottawa

The perfect Cellular composite siding – Celect siding in Ottawa

With all of its different advantages Cellular composite siding is quickly becoming the best siding product on the market. One of our favorite exterior refacing product is Celect siding. These cellular composite siding panels are superior to other composite siding materials on the market.

This siding looks as beautiful as wood and comes in many different wood styles but it won’t deteriorate as quickly.

It’s made of cellular PVC composite (Polyvinyl Chloride), the same type of material used in vinyl fences and siding. It’s 100% recyclable and looks just like natural wood.

If you want to read all about the advantages, costs and see some frequently asked question about Celect siding, read 5 Top Things you Need to Know about Celect Siding

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