Why we love CanExel siding

If you’re interested on installing new siding on your house and you want the look of wood without any of its disadvantages, we highly recommend CanExel siding. It’s an engineered wood siding that has won our hearts. Read on to learn more about it.

When it comes to installing new siding on your home it can sometimes be hard to know which one to choose exactly. At NorthCo we’re absolutely in love with a particular siding, and that’s the CanExel siding by Maibec.

This siding offers a superior quality that you won’t easily encounter in other siding products.

Wood fiber is popular because it can mimic the look of wood without being as costly. Although the process and finish are slightly different, this material is also known as “composite wood” or “aligned standard board.”

Engineered wood has grooves carved on its surface, making it look almost comparable to real wood. Canadians like it over vinyl because it has a more polished appearance.

CanExel siding from Maibec is designed to be extremely durable while keeping its natural beauty. It’s made with care to make your home as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Keep on reading to find out why we think CanExel siding is such a wonderful product!

Canexel siding

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Why CanExel will make you want to say goodbye to real wood!

Because softwoods are more resistant to water damage, traditional wood siding is often composed of cedar or redwood. Over time, however, damage because of rot and water is totally unavoidable.

Traditional wood siding products are susceptible to pest and mold infestations in addition to water damage. Termites and other wood-boring bugs are a major problem for homeowners who have wood siding. While there are several techniques to prevent pest infestations on conventional wood siding, installing manufactured wood is your best chance for fully eliminating this risk.

Canexel siding

What is CanExel siding made of?

CanExel siding is a prefinished siding product made of wood fiber, resin, and wax that is fused under pressure. Engineered wood siding is extremely sturdy and moisture resistant.

CanExel siding allows you to finally say goodbye to traditional wood sidings to adopt a product of a much higher quality.

The fact that it’s not real wood but engineered wood instead gives CanExel siding a lot more advantages especially when it comes to how resistant the material is to the elements.

Unlike traditional wood siding, the engineered wood siding that CanExel is made of is impervious to insects and rot. It also doesn’t require constant re-staining like traditional wood does.

What are the advantages of CanExel siding over traditional wood siding?

CanExel siding is designed to imitate wood but it actually has a lot of advantages that real wood doesn’t normally offer. Here are just a few of them:

It comes in a consistent variety of styles and colors

CaneExel engineered wood siding is finished in the factory, not outside. There are fewer inconsistencies and the color is more constant. When painting is done on the construction site, you expose your siding to dust, debris, uneven drying due to humidity and heat, and a variety of other weather-related disturbances, all of which result in color inconsistency. The factory setting allows for quality control to guarantee that CanExel siding’s colors and finish are consistent.

Canexel siding

CanExel siding is more durable than traditional wood

Engineered wood siding can last 30 years or more if properly maintained. CanExel siding, unlike traditional wood siding, contains man-made components that give it increased durability and protection.

CanExel siding is resistant to rot and insects

CanExel siding is a composite material made out of treated wood strands or fibers and adhesive resins that is stronger than raw wood. Furthermore, the water-resistant waxes added to the paneling make it resistant to rot and dampness.

This type of siding is also totally resistant to bug and insects that would attack and eat through normal siding.

Things you need to consider before installing CanExcel siding on your home

There are various advantages to having CanExel siding installed on your home. It’s a low-cost, long-lasting type of siding that lends a lovely, rustic touch to any home or commercial facility. However, before you begin installing engineered wood siding, keep the following in mind:

Total costs of your project: Engineered wood products such as CanExel siding are generally less expensive than traditional wood, but keep in mind that all expenditures, including labor, materials, and the possibility of removing old siding, will affect the overall project cost.

Style: The style possibilities with CanExel siding are unlimited. Before making a final pick, look over all of the many colors, stains, textures, finishes, and cuts available.

Maintenance: One of the most important considerations to consider when installing new siding is how much effort you want to put into maintaining it. A younger couple of DIYers may have a quite different answer than an elderly couple in retirement. Even though engineered wood siding like CanExel is long-lasting and sturdy, it does require some upkeep over time to keep it looking good, so keep that in mind.

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