Bathroom Remodel Ottawa – How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in Ottawa?

Here you’ll find all the information you’ve always wanted about bathroom remodel Ottawa, from how much it costs to remodel a bathroom in Ottawa, to different things you should consider before renovating your bathroom in Ottawa.

A bathroom remodel Ottawa is something that feels absolutely fantastic! Not only will it be refreshing to have new floor tiles and matching vanity, but a bathroom renovation can also increase the value of your home.

While a bathroom renovation is absolutely worth it, it can become expensive really fast. This is why it’s important to know where to save money and what time of renovations will be more costly.

There is a massive difference in price between simply upgrading your bathroom fixtures and expanding the size of your bathroom by getting rid of walls and creating a totally new room.

At Northco, we do plenty of bathroom renovations in the Canadian capital, so we’ll tell you all about what can affect the prices of a bathroom renovation in Ottawa.

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Planning a bathroom remodel Ottawa but you don’t have a big budget? Read 7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget!

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in Ottawa?

There are a lot of factors that can influence the bathroom renovation cost in Ottawa. If you want to know how much it will cost to remodel a bathroom in Ottawa, here is the first thing you should take into consideration:

Will it be a standard bathroom renovation or a luxury bathroom renovation?

Here are the differences between these different types of bathroom remodels in Ottawa and why it might affect the final price of your renovation:

Standard bathroom renovation in Ottawa:

This type of bathroom renovation conserves the original layout and structure of your bathroom. While you would get new fixtures and cabinets, they would stay in the same positions as the old ones.

The existing fixtures would be replaced by new ones as well as some new faucets and flooring.

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Luxury bathroom renovation in Ottawa:

This type of bathroom remodel in Ottawa is much more extensive than a standard one. It entails a completely new layout for the bathroom. With this kind of renovation, you’ll be removing walls, relocating plumbing and electrical, and getting new cabinets.

If you’re going for a luxury bathroom renovation you’ll be getting high-end porcelain or ceramic tile in your shower as well as on the floor.

There will be a massive price difference between these different types of bathroom remodel Ottawa.

bathroom remodel Ottawa

Every bathroom renovation is a unique project with its own design, scope of work, and unique challenges. As such, it’s impossible to know exactly how much your bathroom remodel would cost before having a look at your home and your ideas with one of our designers.

If you want to have a better idea of how much your renovation would cost, call us today for a free in house estimate.

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What if you want to remodel your bathroom but you don’t have a huge budget?

Full bathroom renovations can become quite costly. With fees adding up, they can quickly cost tens of thousands of dollars. We understand if that’s not in your budget right now.

In 7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget, we share with you some affordable renovation tricks to show you that it’s possible to beautify and transform your bathroom on a smaller budget.

With these bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, you’ll be able to renovate and transform your bathroom for well under 4000 dollars.

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Things to consider before doing a bathroom remodel Ottawa

Apart from the different factors that could influence the price of your bathroom transformation, here are a few things worth considering:

Safety shower / Tub for senior citizens

One of the first questions you should ask yourself before undertaking a bathroom remodel in Ottawa is whether you want a tub, a shower, or both.

Families with young children will make better use of a tub while older homeowners could prefer a simple shower.

It’s also worth considering a specialized safety tub or shower if your bathroom will be used by an elderly person. If that’s the case, read Accessible Bathroom in Ottawa to find ways you can make your bathroom more senior-friendly.

Call us today and tell us about your bathroom renovation ideas for a free estimate.

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Permits and legal requirements

Remodeling a bathroom in Ottawa will come with many of the requirements and considerations you would have if you added a new one to your home.

Plumbing and electrical alterations need to be done by licensed professionals. It’s also a requirement for the structure to be able to carry any additional weight such as heavy tiles, a large luxurious bathtub, new walls, etc.

At Northco, we’ll take care of all the building permits, and legal requirements. Call us for your free estimate today!

load bearing walls and asbestos

If you’re planning on doing a more extensive bathroom renovation in which you change the layout of the walls you’ll have to be wary about removing any load-bearing wall. These types of walls support a big part of the roof.

When changing the layout of your bathroom, you’ll have to work with professionals who can recognize load-bearing walls as they shouldn’t be removed without installing a structural system.

Another reason why you should work with professionals for your bathroom remodel Ottawa is the possible presence of asbestos in the walls of your bathroom. This is a type of fiber that was used to insulate houses before the 1980s. The problem with asbestos is that it’s highly toxic and should only be removed by builders using protective equipment.

At Northco, we’ll take care of these more complex issues and remove both loadbearing walls and the asbestos that could be hidden in your insulation hassle-free!

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You won’t be able to use that bathroom during the renovation period

At Northco, we pride ourselves in timely renovations that will allow you to enjoy your home again as quickly as possible. However, as long as the bathroom is being renovated, it might be impossible to use it.

Having a second bathroom to use during that period will be essential.

Bathroom remodel Ottawa – our bathroom remodel process

At Northco, we work closely with all of our clients to ensure they have a dream renovation. We believe that a bathroom remodel shouldn’t be limited by your imagination.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of a shower niche, an integrated bench in your shower, beautiful tiles or stunning cabinets, we’ll make sure that your bathroom looks fabulous!

You can read about our whole bathroom remodel process here.

bathroom remodel Ottawa

No matter what your budget is, you can make the most out of your bathroom renovation with the right team. At Northco, we’ll help you maximize your budget and create your dream bathroom.

Whether your project is on the lower end of the price range or at the very top, you can be sure that with us you’ll have a new and functional bathroom that exceeds your expectations.

We can’t wait to help you design your dream bathroom!