Kitchen Design Ottawa – 6 reasons why you should work with our team of kitchen designers

If you’re looking for a turnkey home renovation in Ottawa and you want to benefit from the expertise of great kitchen designers in Ottawa, you’re in the right place. Here we’ll tell you all about kitchen design Ottawa.

If you’re looking for great kitchen design in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place. At NorthCo, we have a team of the best kitchen designers in the city.

If you’ve had doubts about getting the services of professional kitchen designers, we’ll tell you why it’s the perfect idea for your home renovation and why it’s bound to make your kitchen transformation a success.

There are a lot of kitchen designers in Ottawa but only a few can consider themselves great. Here, we’ll tell you what makes the difference between average and great kitchen design in Ottawa.

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What makes our team the best for kitchen design Ottawa?

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen in Ottawa you’ll quickly realize that the Canadian capital has a huge amount of interior designers. However, there are a few qualities that separate an average and a great kitchen designer.

You’ll find plenty of kitchen designers in the Canadian capital but if you want a great kitchen design in Ottawa, you’ll have to work with the very best in the field.

Here are a few qualities that all our kitchen designers at NorthCo share:

1. They are great communicators

At NorthCo we pride ourselves on having kitchen designers that communicate well with all of our clients and at every step of the kitchen renovation project. Why is it so important for a kitchen designer to be a good communicator?

Our kitchen designers need to understand what kind of kitchen you would like to have. If you work with us, you can rest assured that our kitchen designers will communicate clearly with you at every step of your kitchen renovation in Ottawa.

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2. They know the best lines of products to help you create your dream kitchen

Our kitchen designers work on a daily basis with gorgeous looking kitchen cabinets, beautiful kitchen paints, kitchen islands, stunning tiles, floors, lamps, and backsplash. They know the products, colors, and brands that will best fit your kitchen design in Ottawa and they will have great suggestions.

Apart from knowing the best products used in kitchen renovations, our team will know exactly what kitchen design will best fit your home and your lifestyle.

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3. Our kitchen designers are extremely organized

Kitchen renovation projects can evolve. Maybe as the project takes place you’ll want to add a kitchen island or you’ll realize that you’d rather use a different style of backsplash.

Our kitchen designers will take into account any change you’d like to add to the details of the design and will work with our team of builders to ensure you end with your dream kitchen.

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4. Our kitchen designers in Ottawa perfectly blend art and math

Our designers keep into account all the measurements of your kitchen while making that room look marvelous. They can calculate the space available in your kitchen and know exactly what will fit under the windows, next to the vent, or between your kitchen cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen design Ottawa, we have a team that will perfectly blend the space you already have available in your kitchen with beautiful appliances, furniture, windows, and cabinets.

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5.Lots of experience and many completed projects

Our kitchen designers have helped many residents of Ottawa get their dream kitchen.

Many homeowners find it challenging to look beyond the kitchen’s present design. That problem is not a concern for our team of designers. After years of beautifying kitchens in Ottawa, our team will bring your kitchen to its full potential.

6. Great relationships and prices with select suppliers

Our designers can source better materials for your kitchen transformation project.

High-quality kitchen products that aren’t available in big-box stores are suggested by our designers. This entails brand-new fixtures, countertops, cabinets, and more.

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Questions to ask yourself before working with our kitchen designers in Ottawa

Before starting to work with our kitchen designers, it will be useful to ask yourself a few questions. This will help us understand your needs and it will help our kitchen designers understand what your dream kitchen would ideally look like.

When it comes to kitchen design Ottawa, here are a few things you should ask yourself:

1. What is your total budget for your kitchen renovation in Ottawa?

The scale of your kitchen design in Ottawa and your different options will be determined by your budget. The final cost of your kitchen renovation will be influenced by your choice of backsplash, tiles, kitchen cabinets as well as the electrical, plumbing, and structural work that will be needed.

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2. What would you change in your current kitchen?

One of the first things our kitchen designers will ask you is what you would change in your current kitchen. Do you wish you had more light or more space or would you like a kitchen island so you can eat and cook in the center of the room?

Determining what doesn’t work in your current kitchen will help us assess what type of kitchen would work best for you.

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3. What type of style, color, and materials would you like to have in your new kitchen design?

Here the only limit is your own imagination. Whether you want wood, tiles, marble counters, or any other type of material in your kitchen, we’ll make it happen! Determining what color you would prefer to have in your kitchen will also help us find what cabinets would best fit with your design.

It will also help to know what kind of kitchen style you would like to have. Your kitchen style doesn’t need to limit itself to the existing style of your home.

Think of what you would like your kitchen to look like: It could be a mix of contemporary, modern, or traditional architecture and furniture. Very different styles can be mixed together to complement each other and our team of designers will help you accomplish just that!

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4. What type of storage will you need?

This is another great question to ask yourself when thinking of Kitchen design Ottawa. Do you shop once a month or every couple of days? How much food will you be storing in your kitchen? Depending on your shopping patterns, you might need more shelves and a bigger refrigerator.

It will also be worth it to make an inventory of the kitchenware you have and how frequently you use it to know how many cupboards and cabinets you should incorporate into the room.

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5. What other elements would you like to incorporate in your kitchen design Ottawa?

Before getting your kitchen design finalized and starting the construction phase, our designers will take into account any other elements you would like to add to the final plan. It could be a bookshelf to add a cool vintage look to your kitchen, a space where you display some gorgeous art, or a tv to entertain you while you cook.